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Solid wood table with matching chairs

Why Buy and Opt For Solid Wood as Your Next Dining Table

If you’re in the market of finding a good dining table, we highly recommend you to consider the ones made out of solid wood. You might have heard of them, from the shiny cherry wood to the intricate look of the mahogany. They are made of lumber directly milled from mighty hardwood trees, which translate into the remarkable caliber of the output–a quality dining table that will last you years.  

While the premium prices may cause you to shun these options, we're here to enumerate several reasons why hardwood furniture, like a solid wood dining table, is actually a great idea and a good investment.

The top 5 benefits of buying a dining table made of solid wood

We listed below the top five reasons why we love solid wood-like dining tables, and why you should also opt for one.

High aesthetic appeal

With solid wood as your dining table, one of the glaring advantages is its stunning look however you decide to incorporate it in your dining room. The unique finishes of most kinds of hardwood will definitely stand out in any type of home interior, whether you have a traditional or modern design, making it a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

Imagine serving your scrumptious meal over a gorgeous cerused oak dining table. Or perhaps, inviting your friends for a small dinner party. Whatever small or large gathering you host will surely be a hit, and it’s guaranteed that a hardwood table is the center of attention, literally and figuratively. And it will look good no matter the type of dinnerware you use, from fine china to ceramics.

For those who love to choose from a breadth of options, solid wood also comes in a variety of colors and finishes, depending on the type of wood that the dining table is made from, such as oak with a light tan to pale brown color, mahogany with a pale pink to reddish-brown hue, or balau with a brown to dark red color. You can also refinish it if you desire to suit your personal preferences without losing its core physical properties.

Strength and solid build of hardwood

Another reason you should really trust hardwood furniture like solid wood dining tables is its material build. If you want a reliable table that can withstand harsh conditions, solid wood is the way to go.

The structural integrity of hardwood comes both from the master craftsmanship of both the woodwork and the natural surroundings. Solid wood has a remarkable build because of how it is made. It’s called “solid wood” because it is directly made and cut from sturdy tree-like mahogany or oak, before being converted into various hardwood furniture, such as dining tables, coffee tables, cabinets, or shelves. 

Solid wood is not dubbed as such for no reason. It doesn’t contain any inside filler-like adhesives, making for a perfect, sturdy table. If you cut it in half, you won’t see any layers or other materials aside from the wood directly sourced from the tree. The other types of wood, which are usually composite or engineered ones like plywood, don’t compare to the build that solid wood can offer.

The durable and lasting quality

The initial cost of the material may catch you off guard, but we assure you that with solid wood, you can enjoy the advantages of wood for years and even generations on end. It’s actually a smart and ideal investment, especially for those who don’t intend to replace or redecorate their dining room more often.

You get the ultimate bang for your buck with the endurance you’ll get from opting for a solid wood dining table. This type of hardwood furniture can withstand harsh conditions, much like the trees that they were sourced from. Of course, it has the remarkable structural build you get as mentioned previously, thanks to its solid build. Don’t expect it to sag easily or anything. The dining table can witness thousands of dinner gatherings for decades to come.

Aside from that, it’s not also prone to the wear and tear that other types of dining tables suffer from. Any meal, even a simple one, can be a circus of sharp objects, a mountain of grease, and varying temperatures of dinnerware, from a steaming bowl of soup, or a pitcher of iced, cold tea, that could leave marks on the table one way or another. So normally on most dining tables, you’d expect some minimal scratches or stains to come that are negligible for a while but accumulate after a couple of years with heavy use.

Solid wood won’t give you that much headache as it can hold the same quality longer than other materials. If this is the case, it can also maintain its resale value better if you’ve decided to sell it in the future. How neat!

Ease of maintenance

Speaking of neatness, not only does a solid wood dining table hold up its great quality for decades, but you also don’t have to worry much about its maintenance. To maintain solid wood does not require a complicated cleaning process, thanks to its properties and advantages of wood. Compare that to steel or tempered glass tables, you won’t have to concern yourself about material-related issues like corrosion, rusting, or chipping.

A simple wipe with a clean, wet cloth can easily get the job done of removing grease and stains, and other excess moisture that may be left on the table. To keep it unblemished as you wish, a simple, regular dusting, and utilizing placemats and coasters will more than suffice.

Sustainable and great for mother earth

When you think about it, solid wood does not include engineered or composite materials, making it 100 percent sustainable and eco-friendly. So if you are a big defender of our one and only planet, you’d love to add an oak or acacia dining table to your growing list of sustainable home furniture!

The process of crafting solid wood furniture is not a carbon footprint nightmare, as long as they come from responsibly sustained forests (yes, it’s important to determine where the woods are sourced from). Not only that, with its long-lasting properties, you eliminate the need to regularly replace your dining table.

And if by chance, your dining table has reached the end of its shelf life, it’s not a stubborn waste issue, unlike plastic or glass. Moreover, with its great durability, it’s easy to repurpose the solid wood material into other useful stuff, such as a shelf or a container, without losing the wood’s appeal. Talk about ultimate sustainability.


So the next time you’re shopping for a new dining table, we highly recommend checking out those made of solid wood. As mentioned in the items listed above, not only is solid wood a good build, but the unique advantages of wood can also make it a great investment, for you and for the sake of sustainability, on top of its striking appeal.


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