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Home Furnishing 101: The Ultimate Guide to Sofa Fabrics

Looking for the best furniture upholstery? We heard you. We know it can get really confusing to choose from a wide range of selections when it comes to sofa fabrics. If you have already tried window shopping and checking out items in furniture houses or malls, you know it’s tough to decide on home furnishings.

As we update our living spaces amidst the pandemic, we all want to create an aesthetically pleasing environment for us. To achieve this, we need functional and beautiful furniture and other decorative items while considering colors, lighting, materials, etc. One classic and essential piece of decorative furniture is the sofa – it naturally establishes the mood in your house. It exudes the impression of a stylish, modern, and attractive living room, lobby, hotel, commercial office, and all other indoor spaces. 

Here’s a quick sofa buying guide to help you in your interior home decorating.

Choosing the Right Sofa Fabric For Your Home

While comfort is the key to choosing the best furniture upholstery, style and impression are undisputed factors to consider. Read on to explore the different sofa fabrics that may suit your humble dwelling best.


1. Cotton Sofas

Cotton is a gorgeous natural fiber that can blend and complement well in different patterns and colors, thus making it highly versatile. Cotton fabrics are practical due to their tight weave and durability. Further, its popularity is due to the fact that it is breathable and comfortable especially when you want to sit for a long time. Cotton fabrics can go from crisp white to ruby red, zebra print to cabana stripe – there's nearly an endless selection. The downside is that cotton is susceptible to stains and allergens. Or, one life hack is choosing a pattern and color with stain resistance that makes an expert concealer. 


2. Leather Sofas

When it comes to durable fabrics, leather sofas usually make it to the A-list. In fact, some of the most iconic furniture pieces were crafted almost exclusively using leather fabrics. The reason for this is that leather is durable, stain-resistant, waterproof, and easy to care for. More so, a leather sofa is good for those with allergies since it is resistant to allergens.

Both genuine leather and faux leather upholstered sofas are versatile. They enable almost unlimited options to make in mixing and matching with patterned throw pillows and blankets. Giving your living room a more relaxed and classic effect, leather sofas are definitely among the best furniture upholstery to have.


3. Velvet Fabrics

Velvet sofas are silky in texture, statement-making upholstery, and fabulous in appearance. These look great in transitional aesthetics and give off a multidimensional impression. The softness of this fabric makes the sofa warm and cozy. Velvet fabrics take up color exceptionally well and create rich hues with depth. These are very comfortable and elegant altogether. One of the premium recommendations in a sofa buying guide, velvet sofas can last for a really long time– even for decades– and do not pill. If you often rotate the cushions and fluff the throw pillows, your sofa can stay wrinkle-free and fluffy.

A velvet sofa is a functional upholstery with a three-dimensional texture. It can hold up beautifully to years of wear and tear. The usual drawback in opting for this is that it can also accumulate a lot of pet hair in it.


4. Chenille Fabrics

Chenille fabric is among the appealing and luxurious upholstery and is very, very soft. It is composed of polyester or poly-blend yarns that make it soft and have a fuzzy feel. Despite being cozy, chenille sofas are very durable and are made to last despite everyday use. This is one of the best furniture upholstery in store as it has a tight weave, good pile direction, and pretreated fabric finishes, and is easy to clean. A cousin to velvet upholstery, chenille fabric also resists wrinkling, unlike cotton or linen. Aside from picking up pet hair, the chenille needs proper care to maintain its polish.


5. Linen Sofa Fabric

Linen has a slightly looser weave than cotton which allows its texture to range from smooth and lustrous to chunky. The usual drawback of choosing linen fabrics, like in clothes, is that they can wrinkle and stain easily. This is usually not the best choice for those with pets or messy ice cream eaters at home.

Performance linens are a great recommendation if you still want to push through having this kind of fabric. Performance linens are a go-to, being a great durable option without having to sacrifice style. It offers the extreme convenience of a quick toss in the washers and is customizable for experimentation or a mix and match depending on the occasion.


6. Microfiber

If you’re looking for an excellent sofa fabric that is highly resistant to stains, durable and doesn’t easily fade, then microfiber might just be the perfect find! Commonly seen in the sofa buying guide, microfiber sofas are made from synthetic fiber. If you have kids, this is advisable to have as well since it is easier to clean. However, the usual issue is that hair, or dust usually sticks around and accumulates so cleaning it requires a vacuum cleaner.

Tip: Synthetic fabrics sustain static electricity, so you are more likely to get shocked by static while sitting on your sofa in microfiber. 


7. Polyester

Polyester sofas look quite similar to leather sofas but are actually made from synthetic fibers like microfibers. These are also stain and fade-resistant. It is also one of the least expensive among sofa fabric choices and can blend well with the other decorative furniture that is already in the living room. However, these can crack or stretch as time goes by so they need to be properly taken care of. 

Without a doubt, there are a lot of factors to consider in upgrading your living space. Enhancing the aesthetics of your indoors can get tougher with every added decorative item. Nonetheless, there’s an extra splash of fun in selecting the premium furniture we’ve always had a crush on!

At the end of the day, when you’ve followed the sofa buying guide and the interior designing stuff is over, the most essential home furnishings are and will always be love and family.


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