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fresh new platter for Spring

Five Ideas to Redecorate and Freshen up Your Home for This Spring

Ah, it’s spring once again. A change of season; we imagine birds flying freely, the gushes of waterfalls, the smell of lavenders, and the green grass dancing with the wind. Or perhaps… it’s about achieving a similar vibe right at your own home. Maybe it’s now time to plan for an interior overhaul to better suit the weather. 

We here believe that not only your home is your comfort, but should also be a source of inspiration for you. That’s why it's time to freshen up your beloved abode with something that practically speaks of self-care and relaxation, like how we feel with nature. We listed down several ideas on how to tweak your household interior to convert it to a fresh home during spring this year.

5 ‘fresh’ tips to achieve spring home decor

Here are five easy ways to make your own dwelling a fresh home for the spring season. Try one or more (or all) of these, and see how you can restyle any area of your home into a stunning yet weather-philic space.

Nothing says more spring than green

If you’re thinking of a great color palette to use for this season, we think that nothing represents spring home decor more than green. ‘Tis a traditional color that reminds us of the outdoors like fresh grass. Spring is about growth and rebirth, and the green color embodies these concepts best. That's why many households are eager to put in plants to achieve a fresh home once winter has ended.

Start adding greenery inside your homes using different types of plants—you have a lot of options to choose from! Popular and easy-to-maintain ones include aloe vera and snake plants. Shallow-rooted plants like these do not require in-depth expertise to take care of. Place them strategically, like in areas where green is less prominent, or where the traffic is higher so that more people are able to appreciate them. You can get creative with repainting pots or opt for a gorgeously crafted planter.

Keep in mind that adding a touch of green does not exclusively mean plants. You can replace your curtains or pillowcases with a green hue, or add green objects for display, such as fruits in a slick and green Italian glass bowl

Better yet, visit home furnishing stores and look for a new wall coating to give your home a refreshing green look. Remember that the varying values of green can evoke different moods. Pastel can make any room seem more spacious so they’re practical for living and office spaces, while a darker hue is perfect to add character and coziness to bedrooms and areas of rest. Emerald green exudes luxury and elegance, a wise choice for bathroom tiles and curtains.

A cool and fresh entryway display at home

Build your own vertical garden

Want to extend the perfect spring home decor even further? Perhaps, it’s now time to get your incredible gardening skills to action with another season-friendly idea–vertical gardens. Not only gardening is both a mind-relaxing hobby and a useful life skill, it can also make for an appealing home ornament.

The first type that comes on top of our minds is a succulent wall, typically near a patio or a lanai. Succulent plants are easy to care for, that’s why they are mostly okay potted even inside the house. These low-maintenance plants can survive harsh conditions, with their notable ability to store water and yet still grow into appealing forms that are perfect as a fresh home display, especially during the spring.

There are various ways to incorporate vertical gardening into your own home, and we have more than a couple of ideas to share. You may set up a vertical screen made of the metal mesh where you can hang planters and arrange your succulents in whatever way you can. Complement your trellis with some vines, which not only adds appeal design-wise but is also practical for heightened privacy.

There are more easy DIY vertical garden setups you can also try. Place a hanging planter anywhere inside the house using repurposed old tin cans or plastic buckets, held by some ropes or yarn of your choosing. Fabric cloth with pouches also works. You can also recycle your old shoe organizers or bookshelves.

Decorating your dinner table for Spring

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking, indeed

It’s quite expected to think of flowers during this season, and it’s for a reason. Not only do those leafy succulents love the spring, but the weather is also perfect to grow and showcase your blooming floral plants. 

If you want warmer color palettes, go for the classic tulips and roses with red or pinkish hues for a sure thing. Wanting more character? Using lilacs and lavenders can not only add charm but also a distinct fragrance that can elevate a fresh atmosphere.

If you aim for a more organized display, wildflowers and orchids are your best bets. While the classic buds may bring in a timeless look, wheatgrass can deliver an unexpected twist.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match various flower types to create a more interesting bouquet. You can use it as an ornament, or as a centerpiece for your next dinner party. Donning your floral arrangement know-how, get more creative by utilizing a unique and aesthetic vase.

Go with a vintage look

You may be quite surprised, but a vintage theme is perfect especially if you have decided to put flowers and other succulents as a home ornament. Any retro-inspired interior will not only provide personality but also elevate any spring home decor idea you decide on. While you may find it intimidating to pull off a vintage theme for your home, it’s actually quite easy with these suggestions.

The first thing is to display classic vintage-inspired imagery like an old street sign or some ‘70s poster ad prints. This stuff is quite easy to find on e-commerce sites or at home furnishing stores. You may also use antique frames with your modern portraits, or repurpose old furniture into another (like chairs becoming a shelf). With a few details here and there, like a stunning bohemian carpet, a brown-colored globe/map, or an old-school typewriter, you’ll manage to convey a sense of going back in time.

Even better, put on display various interesting antique pieces to solidify that vintage look. Whether they’re fine china or a candle holder, you can merge the style of the 21st century with mid-century, for this season and even the rest of the year.

Take advantage of the weather

The cold season is over and it’s time to redecorate your home the way it welcomes sunlight. As spring begins, the temperature is starting to rise. You should now replace those thick curtains and sheets with thinner, more season-appropriate fabrics. Orient your movable furniture so that they are directly lit by natural sunlight.

Moreover, if you truly want a fresher ambiance at your own home, it’s time to integrate the outdoors with your indoor space. Well, the first step to achieve a more seamless transition between the inside and the outside is to take advantage of windows, so if possible, ensure that you utilize the large ones you have. It is an added bonus if there is a marvelous overlooking view by the window, like a yard full of plants, a water fountain, or a self-made vertical garden.

Another way to marry the outdoors with the indoors is to incorporate textures that remind you of the natural elements, such as wood or stones. This is especially true for living spaces. A slick wooden coffee table or a classic bamboo chair are some options to consider. Or you may also opt for rattan-based items for another level of sophistication as they remind us of trees in the best way.


Yes, spring is here once again and we’re here ready to embrace the season with these five easy hacks to freshen up any home with spring home decor. With these simple changes, you and those who live with you will experience a calm and fresh home while enjoying the season’s weather right at the comfort of your own abode.


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