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various decors and textures on top of a coffee table

The Basics of Coffee Table Styling

Ever since the pandemic started, accessorizing our indoor spaces and upgrading our home furnishing have become new hobbies. This is not surprising at all. This is linked to the fact that our mental health and overall vibe are constantly affected by our environment. Our living room, working space, bedroom, and all the other parts of our humble dwelling should all be organized, neat, and presentable. 

One essential piece of decorative home furniture that makes the room overflow with positive energy is modern luxury coffee tables. However, when choosing your indoor space’s cocktail table, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration. This includes size (in terms of length, width, and height), function, purpose, and household members. The decorative material has to fit your lifestyle and serve its purpose well. It also has to suit the needs of the family – whether you need more space or storage, or whether you need kid- and pet-friendly pieces to begin with.

It’s normal to feel lost on coffee table styling as we normally put all the emphasis on the upholstery, wall decors, or curtains. It may seem relatively easy but it is often too confusing to figure out how to select the best cocktail table as well as the right mix of decorative accents.

10 Coffee Table Styling Tips

There are many more factors to consider in choosing the right coffee table and decorative items that meet the eye. We have outlined a few rules to rely on before finally starting to upgrade your coffee table styling

1. Find the right coffee table

We can’t skip the first part. Of course, figuring out which coffee table fits best in your living space tops the list. In choosing the best cocktail tables, we have to be mindful of the following considerations:

  • Height is important 
Having a cocktail table that is too high or too low is awkward in any area of your house. The best cocktail tables to blend in the living space are those which are of the same height as the cushions on your upholstery or at least one to two inches lower.
  • Right balance and proportion

“Weightiness” is also a handy rule to observe. This means observing balance and proportion. An example is when your sofa has skinny legs, your cocktail table should be solid from the ground all the way up. Meanwhile, if your upholstery has no visible legs, your cocktail table should be skinnier.
  • Mind the clearance rules

Based on your preference, you can choose the ideal shape of your cocktail table. You can choose from square, circle, rectangle, or oval, among others. No matter what the shape is, remember that the ideal clearance of your coffee table is 12 to 18 inches away from your sofa. Any more or less will either be too close or too far.
  • Consider needs, functionality, and purpose

Depending on which area of the indoor space the cocktail table will be placed, the main consideration should be the functionality of the table. Do you need a wide piece good enough to play board games in the living room? Then the best cocktail tables are ones that are comfortable to gather around.

2. Ensure overall coherence in the theme

There is normally an overall mood set for the ambiance. Styling these tables should be in harmony and coordination with the other home furnishings already placed. Your modern luxury coffee tables will feel completely out of place if not properly matched with the overall theme of your indoor space.

3. Start it with a plan

A splash of green has a lasting impact on the area’s interior design. It makes everything all-natural, fresh, and cozy. This makes your cocktail table more organic and less staged. You can use jade plants, air plants, spider plants, cacti, aloe, and other coffee table plants.

4. Use objects with varying heights

The objects placed on top of the table should be of different levels in height. This stirs up interest since the eye is on a visual journey – going up and down each decorative item.

5. Make your personality shine

Your coffee table styling should be reflective of your individuality. If you’re the kind of person who keeps scrapbooks and photo albums displayed, then go showcase those mementos.

6. Use different textures

Items of similar texture crowded in one cocktail table appear too much for the eye. We ideally should not repeat the same finish at all. A glossy vase beside a glossy tray does not make a good impression.

7. Ensure books are thick and themed

When putting some books on top of these indoor tables, try to avoid thin books. We usually have to put a stack of thick books and ensure they are related to home decor or something inspiring to flip through.

8. Observe color scheme

Though cocktail tables are not the most dominant home decor in the living area, they certainly reflect what’s going on in the room. Choosing colors in close palettes will make the whole scene more cohesive and in order. For example, placing a tray that is a new addition to all the colors of the area will make it out of place.

9. Use some oddly-shaped objects

One common error in coffee table styling is making use of too many round objects. This makes the tabletop boring and flat. For example, you want to match the round or cylindrical vase with some thick books. You can use oddly-shaped items like those with corals, spikes, branches, and the like.

10. Leave enough space to breathe

Yes, decorative items like trays, books, plants, etc. are essential to enhance the look of your modern luxury coffee tables. Nonetheless, we must be very careful not to exaggerate the whole setting. You still want to make your cocktail table functional and useful in your daily life. You still want to put a glass down or place your mobile phone on top of your coffee table. Ensure to leave sufficient gaps between the items on your cocktail table, too.


Styling your coffee table will be easy if you know yourself all too well. Finding the best cocktail table will then be smooth as it normally coheres to your personality and style. Adding a spice of glamor and luxe to your cocktail tables reveals bits and pieces of who you are so make your individuality shine!


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