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6 Reasons Why You Should Start Choosing Wicker Furniture

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Choosing Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture and rattan-inspired decor are starting to make the rounds again in 2022! It’s always been a classic material for interior design, but recently it’s become even more mainstream.

It’s no surprise that wicker is still widely used in modern homes, because it’s so timeless and sustainable. Its design can work for any season and vibe you want to project. Even with its popularity, though, some people are still confused about the difference between wicker and rattan.

To keep it simple, wicker is a technique which weaves plant fiber into a rigid structure. It’s the process of creating furniture or a piece of decor. Rattan, on the other hand, is the material most commonly used in wicker crafts. It’s sourced from the rattan plant, which was used since ancient times to build and craft. However, rattan and wicker aren’t mutually exclusive.

The identifying feature of wicker is the elaborate weaving pattern that’s embedded in the final product. You can use materials other than rattan to make wicker furniture. So you could have a wicker daybed that’s made from bamboo or synthetic resin, or you could have a rattan chair that isn’t crafted in the style of wicker weaving.

Rattan is the most favored material for wicker furniture because it’s both flexible and strong. The pliability of rattan paired with the ability to keep its shape is the main selling point for the material. 

If you’re looking to bring a little more nature into your home, wicker furniture is definitely the way to go. Here are 6 reasons why you should choose rattan furniture for your next redesign or project.

Why Choose Rattan Furniture

1. Wicker is versatile and flexible.

You can make almost anything through wicker weaving! Whether it’s a wicker daybed, rattan chair, flower pot, hammock, cabinet, table, you name it - it’s possible. With the right material and a skilled wicker craftsman, the sky’s the limit.

The high customizability of wicker is one of its best characteristics. You can weave it into any shape you want with the right technique and skill. It’s available in whatever color you’d like, and can be modified to fit exactly into your home. You can curate and design wicker pieces to your personal taste with no worries since they’re compatible with anything.

2. The craftsmanship is aesthetically pleasing.

The main reason why wicker is so highly regarded is because of its detail. The crafted, elegant look of wicker furniture manages to look natural at the same time. Since it’s made entirely of plant materials, it looks organic no matter where you place it.

The style of wicker grabs your attention immediately. You can place a wicker daybed under a large window as a statement piece, or include a rattan chair in your patio furniture. This faux wicker table ($1,480), for example, stands out right away while keeping it simple.

The contours and patterns of the weaving catches the eye of whoever walks into the room, but never in an ostentatious way. Wicker can bring out the natural beauty of the room without overshadowing any of your other decorations or furniture.

3. It’s lightweight and easy to transport.

Plant-based wicker is made up of dried plant fibers. Naturally, anything made from rattan or similar material is going to be super lightweight. The way that wicker is crafted, the whole piece of furniture is stable yet still easy to move.

A full-sized wicker daybed, like this Natural Wicker Daybed by Julie & Ev ($4,350) can be moved easily by just one person. It’s still strong enough to support the weight of an adult (or several), while still being light enough to move around.

4. Cleaning wicker is hassle-free.

When your wicker furniture is treated and sealed properly, it requires very minimal maintenance. A quick dusting or wipe-down is sufficient to keep it clean and looking brand new.

Due to its nature, any cushions that may be included with your furniture are removable. This makes them easier to flip around and clean. The cushions will also be less susceptible to mold and mildew! A rattan chair will usually have small gaps in the weave that promote air circulation.

Because it’s also so light and easy to move, you can just place it in another part of the room so you can clean under it. Having wicker pieces in your home is definitely a game changer because of its sheer convenience.

5. It’s durable when made with the right materials.

With proper care and maintenance, any type of wicker furniture can last you decades. If treated well, it can be water and dust resistant. Wicker is designed to withstand extreme conditions. It can tolerate heavy weight, temperature changes, and other forces of nature. The strength of natural rattan is simply unmatched when it comes to wicker crafts and furniture.

Of course, wicker isn’t indestructible. You’ll still need to take care of your pieces if you want them to last, but leaving them outside for a couple of days won’t render them useless. Remember that rattan is porous, since it’s an organic material. If it gets too wet for too long, your furniture could start to break down.

Eventually, the varnish or seal will fade and expose the rattan to the elements. In this case, you could reseal your furniture with varnish to keep it looking clean and healthy.

6. It’s safer for your children.

If you’re someone who has children, safety is definitely a main concern when it comes to home design. Wicker furniture is actually less likely to cause injury, since it’s so lightweight. Where a heavy wooden chair would get knocked over and fall on someone, a rattan chair might just shift a little to the side. 

The beauty of wicker is that it’s crafted to be stable. You’ll have a hard time knocking over this Sao Paulo rattan chair ($2,600), that’s for sure! 

Invest in some good wicker pieces that will keep your family safe and last you a lifetime! It’s definitely a unique way to add some flavor to your home decor, with a classic natural twist.


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