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a clean and clutter-free kitchen

The Key Steps to Completely Organize Your Kitchen

It is the holiday season and you want to open your fresh bottle of wine, however, you can not find your corkscrew. Your kitchen storage is all jumbled up. You need some serious decluttering and organizing. 

Every home has a kitchen. Apart from rooms being cluttered, kitchens are the number one area in the house that needs more attention. Hence, it is essential to declutter your kitchen. 

How will you do this?


Decluttering has been popularized by Marie Kondo - a Japanese organizing consultant that achieved worldwide fame last 2014 due to the breakthrough of her first book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. This method of decluttering was named the KonMari Method.  

The bottom line of the KonMari method is choosing what sparks joy and letting go of the things that do not serve their purpose anymore. 

1. Dissect

A disorganized kitchen is a common problem in homes. Like in problem-solving, you need to identify the problem first. So before organizing your kitchen, dissect it. Have a minute or two and explore its problem areas. Which areas do you need to work on?

2. Pull Everything Out

Since you already know your problem areas, it’s time to pull everything out and generate alternative solutions. 

Pulling everything out creates a blank canvas. You will be surprised by how many items you have in store. Are these even still being used?

You will be overwhelmed by how many things you have. This will aid you in the next step, purging.

3. Purge 

It is easy to overlook products that are expired and unused. Purging involves disposing of items that are not serving their purpose anymore. As a result, you have fewer things to work on. 

Siff everything down, and declutter your kitchen.

4. Categorize

The KonMari method encourages tidying by category and not by location.

After pulling everything out and getting rid of unused items, it’s time to categorize. 

Place all kitchenware, pans, and condiments separately. Sort out everything, it’s time to organize your kitchen.

a clean and organized kitchen

10 Creative Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

The majority of homes need decluttering. As Marie Kondo said: Life truly begins only after you put your house in order. One of the many areas that are overlooked during decluttering is kitchens. Here are 10 creative ways to organize your kitchen.

1. Pantry Labels

Labels are essential, they prevent clutter from building up. Not only this, but you can also easily find what you need, eliminating stress. This creates an organized kitchen.

Try labeling your containers based on their content (i.e. pasta, flour, nuts). I suggest the Motex label maker. It creates minimalist labels that will up the appearance of your kitchen storage. 

2. Trays

Countertops are usually hectic, this is the working space of the kitchen. Incorporating trays can be of big help. 

Group items that are alike as well as frequently used ones. This will lessen the clutter in your kitchen. You will not be running around searching for what you need. Everything will be accessible and at hand.

3. Spice Drawers

Spices make flavorful meals. The spices in our kitchen are often all over the place. Having a drawer intended for spices is one of the many solutions. 

Lay out the spices in your kitchen drawer organizer, flat. In this way, you can easily find what spices you need and put them back in their original place. Make sure to also check the expiration date of these spices.

Declutter your kitchen and label your spices appropriately.

4. Cutting Utensil Drawers

Utensils involve knives, forks, and spoons. People sometimes mix these three without considering the posing threat of cutting themselves. 

Dedicate a drawer for your cutting utensils: knives, corkscrew, peelers, etc. It is advisable to have knife holders as well when incorporating this kitchen drawer organizer. This will provide a safer environment in your kitchen. 

Make sure when you declutter your kitchen, get rid of rusty utensils. Explore all your kitchen storage. 

5. Small Baskets

Snack items have a way of cluttering the kitchen. They tend to be smaller, thus they easily fall off the bottom of drawers. Small baskets can be used to keep everything in one location.

Opt for rattan trays. This adds a rustic touch to your kitchen, keeping your kitchen storage appealing. I suggest Julie and Ev’s rattan scallop tray. Its size is perfect for storing small snack items. 

Pro tip: try adding label clips on these baskets.

5. Coffee Carts

Coffee is a staple for mornings, whether you are in a rush or having a slow day. It is convenient to place all coffee essentials in one place for easy access. Try coffee carts. This will step up your coffee mornings and kitchen organization.   

See Julie and Ev’s rattan butler tray. It goes with the rattan scallop tray mentioned above. Its cutout handles make it easier to be carried around. You can easily serve your guests coffee without the need to go back and forth. 

6. Elevate your Shelves

After you declutter your kitchen you may stumble upon an old fine china, which may add spice to your kitchen shelves. In this way, you are able to use this sentimental item to elevate the look of your kitchen space.

If you do not have these kinds of items, you may purchase bowls or plates that have sophisticated prints on them. This can add up to the overall appeal of your kitchen. 

7. Separators

The best kitchen drawer organizers are separators. 

Regardless of how tidy your drawers are, they can still look messy because the items in them are all over the place. Having separators can create a divider that will group alike things. 

Declutter your kitchen to have narrowed down items in your drawers.  

8. Roll your towels

Towels are a necessity in kitchens. After folding them, we tend to stack them up. This method of storing towels is a huge mistake people commit. It easily gets loosened up, and as a result, this kitchen storage area becomes chaotic.

Try rolling your towels and laying them flat inside your drawers. There is a Marie Kondo way of folding kitchen towels. This will help in maximizing your kitchen storage. 

9. Be you

The best way to organize your kitchen in a creative way is by adding a little bit of you. This can be done by purchasing items that are fit to your personality. Make sure to replace unusable items with quality ones. Add little accents, like ceramic bowls or plates that are fit to your preference. 

Being creative at organizing your kitchen does not follow a format. After you declutter your kitchen, elevate your kitchen storage and invest in a kitchen storage organizer. 


a kitchen counter with some flowers

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