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Bathroom Design Ideas You'll Want to Try

Designing your home is no easy task, each room has its specific functions and different elements to consider. And when it comes to your washroom, there are even more things you may want to keep in mind. There are an infinite number of choices to make when creating a comfortable restroom. 

The best bathroom design ideas are those that are well thought out, they need to show off your personal style while still maintaining a sense of cleanliness and tranquility at all times. 

It is important to have the best bathroom lighting to create a visually pleasing environment and enough storage space with things like bathroom cabinets to always be prepared with your necessities.

With all that in mind, we now check out the best bathroom design ideas in 2022!

11 Elegant Bathroom Design Ideas in 2022

Bathroom Design Ideas You'll Want to Try

1. Classic All-White Aesthetic  

You can never go wrong with white walls and floor tiles. It’s a timeless classic design choice that looks great in any situation. White symbolizes cleanliness and purity, this is the reason why we naturally choose it as the color for most restrooms. It keeps you in a clear and unblemished environment whenever you need to go. Having an all-white room also highlights dirt and stains which means it's important to keep it consistently maintained. Fortunately, white is also one of the easier colors to wash off depending on the material. 

There are many materials you could choose from for your all-white washroom. Ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiles are some of the most commonly used, but with new and modern materials being introduced, your options are better and broader.

2. Dark and Light Color Contrast 

The use of color contrast is a popular trend for bathroom design ideas nowadays. It keeps things looking elegant yet simple. Keeping the white theme and pairing it with lighter shades of gray or black can make for an eye-catching aesthetic. Aside from painting the walls or using colored tiles, you can integrate color contrast through other elements like a wooden bathroom cabinet, a shower divider, sinks, mirror frames, and washroom countertops.

3. Bright or Bold Aesthetic 

If you’re looking to really express your personal taste or want a completely unique look, then you should go for a bright or bold aesthetic. These are two different bathroom design ideas with the same core concept. Both designs make use of unorthodox colors and patterns which sets them apart from traditional styles.  

First off, if you’re the artsy type who’s into colorful backgrounds, then bright is the way to go. You can pick your favorite colors and freely paint the walls in any way you want. When you’re going for a brighter look, the more you stand out the better. 

Alternatively, you could go bold by implementing the use of darker colors. Different shades of gray and black give a strong solid appearance. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and concrete are some of the best for this aesthetic. Be sure to utilize other elements as well, such as bathroom cabinets, glass doors, and towel racks.  You can also add a stylish artwork that fits with either style, to make it all come together.   

4. Freestanding Tubs 

One design choice that is quickly gaining popularity is the freestanding tub. Freestanding tubs are an eye-catching element, they stand out as the centerpiece of the room, which gives it a wonderful look. Be sure to have the best bathroom lighting possible to emphasize the tub as a unique element. Freestanding tubs come in various shapes and sizes, so be sure you pick one that really sets it apart and doesn’t blend into the surrounding environment.

Though not everyone has enough space to work with, those that do should opt for a freestanding tub over the traditional style.

5. Geometric Framing

When designing any room in your home, it's important to utilize different shapes to give a sense of depth and definition to your surroundings. Well-planned placement of different elements can make an area seem larger than it is. For example, try keeping rectangular mirrors, bathroom cabinets, and drawers close to each other so that their edges can act as borders that outline each element. This creates bold silhouettes and a solid definition which makes for a simply elegant environment. 

6. Creative Lighting 

Having the best bathroom lighting is an essential part of every home. The different ways you can implement creative lighting are limitless. Think about the light placements and the level of brightness you want to have. Normally you would want your lights to be above the mirror but another good option would be having them installed behind it. This has a less glaring effect and creates a more calming mood. Be sure that all major elements of the room like the shower, tub, and dresser are well lit. Other areas such as the bathroom cabinets and other fixtures can have accent lights to have a variety of intensity.

7. Bathroom Chandeliers

Keeping with the concept of lighting, the use of chandeliers has become a popular design trend in recent times. Chandeliers have always been viewed as extravagant and luxurious. A mounted lighting fixture over your bathtub makes everything feel more glamorous while still providing you with a relaxing ambiance. It is one of the best bathroom lighting options for extravagant comfort. For those seeking a high-class look, consider stylish chandeliers for your washroom.

8. Unique Window Designs 

It’s great to have unique and stylish artificial lights but you could say the best bathroom lighting is all-natural. That’s where windows come in to brighten up the room. You could try various styles and shapes for your washroom windows, but remember to keep the aesthetic well balanced. If all the elements in the area are rectangular, then opt for a more unique design, preferably one that is circular to round out the ridged look. It is always good to have an external source of natural light so windows are a must whenever possible.

9. Mirrors  

Space is a major part of visual design. Mirrors can be used to show an illusion of wider space. Try either long vertical mirrors or wide horizontal ones depending on the size of your sink and dresser. It is generally recommended to hang your mirror 5-10 inches above the sink. If you have the space for it, you can even consider a mirror wall that stretches from end to end.

10. Storage Areas 

One thing that can fly over your head when designing a room is storage space. Bathroom cabinets, floating shelves, tables, and racks are key visual and functional elements of any bathroom. It is always important to have storage areas for your toiletries, towels, and other essentials. 

Many people also keep their house clothes in their washroom closets. Be sure to choose designs that match the theme of the room and be mindful of where you’ll place them. Some storage spaces are installed into the walls or are stationary so be sure they are well planned and conveniently located. 

11. Glass Screen 

If you've experienced the inconvenience of pulling back a soaking wet shower curtain or feel the lack of privacy because there's nothing to cover your shower or tub, then you’d love to have a glass screen. 

When washing up, you want to have a sense of privacy yet not feel so closed off in a tight space. An opaque glass screen addresses all these concerns by providing much-needed privacy and illumination. A glass screen divider is also a stylish addition to your modern washroom.

Which designs did you love?

Now that you have a great understanding of the best bathroom design ideas, it's time for you to pick your favorites! Tell us what features you want in your dream bathroom.


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