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Design 101: Solving the Most Common Decorating Problem

So, you just moved to a new flat or maybe you have already outgrown your old interior design. This can be really frustrating mainly if you do not know where to start. 

For some people, it can be easy for them to decorate their homes, especially if they have the resources (i.e. budget and time) for it.  However, for newbies, they can be more prone to decorating mistakes. 

To solve this, addressing the most common decorating problems, how to fix them and where to source your design can be of great help.

Here are six (6) decorating problems and how to fix them for home design solutions.  

6 Decorating Problems 

An interior-designed small living room space

1. Small Space

The most common decorating problem people face is having a small space. This can be challenging especially if you want to upgrade your interior design. However, your home can still be maximized despite its size.

Resolution: Large mirrors! 

Mirrors can create an illusion of depth. It deceives the eye into believing there is more room than there is. The way our eyes recognize the bouncing of reflection results in having more volume in our eyes, thus the room appears larger. 

2. Unmeasured Furniture

Furniture is the main component of decorating homes. Whenever people go home shopping, they overlook the size of the furniture. Choosing the wrong size of furniture can add up to your decorating mistakes.  

When a piece of furniture is too small, homeowners try to overcompensate it by adding impractical things. Thus, making the area cluttered. 

Resolution: Check the dimensions!

Before going furniture shopping, measure the space where you want to put your purchase. The size of the furniture and your space should be complementary.

If you are going online shopping, make sure to have a trustworthy source wherein the dimensions and materials are mentioned. Julie and Ev is a good start if you want to explore online shopping for home décor and furniture. They include the dimensions and materials of their products. 

a wall decorated with lovely art pieces from Julie & Ev

3. Boring Walls

What makes up homes are walls. In decorating homes, walls can create a huge impact on the overall appearance of our homes. It can either make it dull and boring, or comfy and lively. 

Resolution: Wall decors

Painting walls can be a commitment, and sometimes it is not allowed if you are on rental. The most common home design solutions are wall decors. This can help you with accentuating your boring walls. 

4. Lacks You.

In decorating homes, there is a standard. People try to adjust their liking based on these standards. This leads to one of the many decorating mistakes: your home lacks you

Resolution: Add distinctive elements! 

Homes should symbolize who lives in them. Adding unique accents that are difficult to copy can be of great help to upgrade your boring home. Shop from an antique store. These objects are rare since they have been produced for a long time. Make sure to choose something that screams you. 

5. Paint Colors

For starters, their initial instinct is to choose the paint color first. This can add up to their decorating mistakes. Take your time choosing the right color. You might find yourself regretting the color you chose after purchasing it. 

Resolution: Put it on last!

One of the many home design solutions is having a step-by-step process. Choosing your paint color as your last step can greatly aid you in deciding what color to choose.  

We tend to adjust our home purchases based on the paint color we have chosen. I highly suggest choosing neutral colors. Thus, this becomes an obstacle in upgrading our homes with ease.  

6. Focal Point

Last but not the least, the most common decorating mistake is emphasizing two or more focal points. 

A focal point in decorating homes is the area to which the eye of the audience is instantly drawn. Examples of focal points are furniture, artwork, feature walls, and a whole lot more. 

Resolution: Choose one!

It is not a home design solution to accentuate several areas in your home. It will come off as if you have overdone the designing process. Choose only one focal point and emphasize it. 

Extra Tips!

1. Mood Boards

Before getting started with anything, it is essential for you to have a mood board. 

A mood board is a visual presentation of your inspirations. This can be done by collecting a number of images, pieces, or texts.

Going to Pinterest and searching for the vibe you want can be of great help. Especially with the easy navigation and options of the app. You can see what you want to achieve and adjust your purchasing decisions based on what you have imagined your end goal would be. 

It is easy to commit decorating mistakes if you do not have a guide. This is why one of the many home design solutions is creating a mood board because it can gauge you. 

2. Know your Sources

After creating your mood board, it is time to know where to source these materials. 

There are a lot of home decor stores in the market. However, it is convenient if a store has all the things you need. I highly suggest Julie and Ev 

3. Declutter

Nothing is better than starting with a clean slate. Decluttering in decorating homes is one of the most overlooked home design solutions. Getting rid of unnecessary objects can help with the designing process as you create room for more. You get to have a closer look at what you are working with. 

So get your big boxes and let go of things that do not serve you anymore. 

4. Be you!

The majority of homes lack an emphasis on who is living in them. Adding pieces that are both functional and personal can give your home more character. Ask yourself, who am I? What things symbolize me?  

For me, I love being balanced, I look at the two sides of every situation. Adding a yin yang painting can help in adding oomph to my home. Friends and family will have an impression that “this is so her” and be amazed at how this little detail can add up to my overall home.  

5. Custom-made

There is a misconception about custom-made items. They are deemed to be more expensive compared to the ready-made ones sold in stores. However, this is not always the case. Custom can also mean the appropriate sizing of an item. 

This is an investment for you and your home.

6. Through time

In decorating homes, it does not need to happen overnight. This is one of the many decorating mistakes people make. They rush everything.

Take your time investing in high-quality items. Finding out what you want and where you can get them can be a long process. Through time, you can eventually get there.


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