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3 Reasons Why Wicker Pedestals Are the Best Plant Stands

It’s always good to have plants in your house. Green is said to be a mood-boosting color, and including plants and greenery in your home design can have a lot of benefits. They improve the air quality around you, reduce stress, and boost productivity. It’s even said that by just having plants in your home, you become healthier both physically and mentally!

wicker pedestal and urn

Having indoor plants is a staple in interior design. It becomes a bit of a problem, though, if you just start to place your pots haphazardly around your home. This becomes apparent the more plants you have, as it can start to get out of hand. Issues begin to arise with extra dust and grime from the soil, or pots staining the floor. The arrangement of your plants can also turn into disorganized clutter if you’re not careful.

Wicker pedestal

This is why plant stands and pedestals are the best for indoor plants. They can actually improve your plants’ health and make them grow faster. Here are some other benefits of having plant stands in your home:

  • Plant stands make your home less cluttered by utilizing vertical space. 
  • They add dimension and height to your home decor.
  • The added height and spacing between your plants promotes air circulation. This will prevent them from getting too moist after watering sessions, leading to rot or mold.
  • Arranging your plants with taller stands makes it easier for the sun to reach other plants. Allowing them to have a kind of “hierarchy” will make sure everyone gets their fair share of sunlight.
  • Plant stands and holders prevent soil erosion. This can happen due to watering and moving pots around, and having an extra layer of protection can help mitigate that.

Since plants take care of us, it’s only reasonable to return the favor. Spoil your house plants by giving them a new home to enjoy! The best options for rearranging your plant space are investing in stands, pedestals, and vases.

Why are wicker pedestals the best plant stands?

Wicker pedestals are one of the more popular materials for indoor planting. They look natural, outdoorsy, and minimal. Getting a wicker urn and pedestal for your living room and office can brighten up the space without looking too busy.

You can even pair the wicker pedestals with rattan vases, to get a cohesive look! A pedestal can be made of any material, but rattan is one of the best. It’s a lightweight, strong, and beautiful material that goes with anything in your home. Rattan vases are definitely a must if you’re going for any sort of cottagecore vibe.

But out of all the materials and styles, why choose wicker?


  • It’s versatile.

If you buy a wicker urn and pedestal, you can use it for anything indoors or outdoors. You can use them as planters themselves, or as a cover for flower pots. Rattan vases are the perfect holders for your indoor pots to give them an easy rustic feel. Not only will it save your tables or flooring from stains, it will also give the pot an extra layer of protection from accidents.

  • Wicker is unique.

It is a traditional style of weaving plant materials into sturdy furniture or baskets. It’s beautiful enough to be used as decoration, but also strong enough to actually serve a purpose. Including a couple of wicker pedestals or furniture in your home will definitely get you a lot of compliments!

  • The material is Earth-friendly and sustainable.

If you’re someone who’s into plants and nature for interior design, rattan is the best material to include in your decor. Wicker pieces can be made of any material, but ideally, it should be plant-based. Rattan vases or baskets are its most common form. 

Rattan is sustainably grown and easy to harvest. It's definitely a better alternative to plastic or other synthetic materials!

It’s important to remember that wicker is not the same as rattan. Rattan is a type of plant material that can be woven or processed into various objects. It’s sturdy and firm while being lightweight, which makes it ideal for natural or plant-based home decor. 

On the other hand, wicker is a technique used to craft woven furniture. Traditionally, it could be made from any plant material that was strong enough. This includes willow, bamboo, rattan, or reed. Now, synthetic fibers can be used to recreate the look of traditional rattan at a fraction of the cost.

Wicker Urns and Pedestals to Buy

Now that we know how great a wicker urn and pedestal can be for your home, it’s time to actually find one! Shop these gorgeous wicker pedestals from Julie & Ev:

1. Wicker Braided Square Pedestal and Urn ($1,525.00)

This pedestal and urn set is perfect for your outdoor furniture or in the living room. It’s made from sustainably harvested, ethically sourced natural materials. You can detach the vase at the top to use elsewhere, or stack them on top of each other to give your plant some well-deserved height.

2. Wicker Braided Column Pedestal and Urn ($1,525.00) 

If a square pedestal isn’t really for you, this furniture set gives you all the beauty of the previous item without any of the angles. Made from sustainable rattan materials, this set will immortalize spring in your home all year round. Place it in your living room or office to add on a bright chic summer vibe.

3. Rattan Basket Pot ($95.00)

This rattan basket pot is a beautiful pair to any of your existing plant pots or urns. If you’re looking to redecorate for summer or fall, preserve a piece of nature with this classic rattan basket. Just drop any of your house plants (pot and all) into the basket, and easily switch your plants out every once in a while for a fresh look!

Our plants do so much for us already, it’s only fair to put them on the wicker pedestals they deserve. These wicker urns and pedestals will give your plants the support they need, without taking away from their natural beauty.


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