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Birds and Scrolls Block Print Tablecloth by Julie & Ev

Why Tablecloths Are Important for Your Home and Space

A tablecloth is an understated element of the dining room that has the power to shift the mood, theme, and vibe of the whole area. The size, color, material, and pattern of high-quality tablecloths can subtly change everything about your space.

That’s why knowing how to choose high-quality tablecloths is important if you’re looking into beautiful table settings for your home. It’s always an option to leave your tabletops bare, but they add a touch of elegance that can elevate everything else in the room.

Why High-Quality Tablecloths Are Important

High-quality tablecloths can be made of any material, but our pick for instantly beautiful table settings is cotton. Because it’s such a luxurious but simple textile, premium tablecloths contribute so much to the space through aesthetics, texture, and functionality. It’s also easy to find tablecloths for sale anywhere, as they’re such a staple in more traditional home design circles. They’re definitely a great investment and you can get a lifetime of use out of them. You can even pass your tablecloths on to the next generation of your family!

Beautiful table settings don’t even have to be expensive, either! You can find cheap tablecloths for sale in a lot of places: thrift stores, yard sales, and even auctions. Just make sure that they’re up to par in terms of quality and what you’re looking for. High-quality tablecloths will last the test of time and can easily be restored if you manage to thrift one.

Here are some of the reasons why high-quality tablecloths are essential for beautiful table settings:

7 Benefits of Using Tablecloths at Home or in Your Events

  • They’re a timesaver.

Tablecloths can help you get the table ready in just a few seconds. All you need to do is to whip them out, arrange them neatly on the tables, and they’re ready for the rest of the dinnerware. Just make sure that they’re clean, pressed, and wrinkle-free to maintain the elevated look you’re going for - no one likes a stained tablecloth! Cotton is the best material for this, as they’re easy to clean and don’t stain forever if you take care of them.

  • They keep your table clean.

One of the main reasons for using a tablecloth is to protect the surface of the table from spills, stains, and other frequent dining accidents. As they’re made from absorbent cotton, they’ll prevent spilled liquid from dripping onto your guests and the floor. A good tablecloth will absorb the liquid for an easier clean-up post-dinner; hopefully, the stain won’t be too difficult to clean out afterward! If your table is made of expensive material such as hardwood, marble, or ivory, you’ll be glad you set down some tablecloths to protect it from scratches and water damage.

  • They contribute to the ambiance and sound environment.

There’s actually a reason why most restaurants and fine dining experiences still use tablecloths. As several people in an enclosed space will naturally cause a lot of chatter and noise, tablecloths will actually absorb some level of sound and reduce white noise in the background to a certain extent. A room that is too noisy will often make guests uncomfortable and they won’t enjoy their meal as a result, so tablecloths are a great way to control some of it for a more pleasant experience.

  • They let you customize beautiful table settings at will.

Since tablecloths cover most (if not all) of the table itself, you can actually use this to your advantage. If the design of your bare table doesn’t match the decor or occasion, for example, it’s so much cheaper to just buy new tablecloths compared to an entirely new table! For example, if you buy these leaf-printed tablecloths for sale, you can instantly transform your table setting into one for outdoors or for spring. Then if you need a loud and funky print for summer, you can switch it out with this bird-patterned cotton tablecloth!

  • They’re cost-effective.

Just like with most things, tablecloths will last you a long time with enough love and care. As long as you clean and store them properly, you won’t need to invest in any new pieces for quite a while. Buying high-quality tablecloths will save you more money in the long run compared to disposable or cheap tablecloths because you won’t have to repurchase them as frequently. If you’re often hosting events, throwing parties, or managing restaurants, tablecloths can be the best solution for pretty yet cost-effective and functional decoration.

  • They make it easier to match decor and accents.

Of course, a beautiful table setting will never be complete without matching napkins or coasters. Nothing says classy like matching your dinnerware to your tablecloths! When you look at tablecloths for sale, always check if they come with placemats or napkins as a set so you can get a great deal. These versatile blue and white scalloped linen placemats can be used on bare tabletops for a casual setting or matched with patterned tablecloths. On the other hand, these raffia bleached coasters would also look amazing for a minimalist look on plain tablecloths! Mix and match your home decor to curate a unique look for every event.

  • They’re environmentally friendly.

Perhaps this is the most crucial benefit of using tablecloths - the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the practice. Not only do you get a lifetime of use out of them with the proper maintenance, but you also cut down on paper and plastic dinner products by investing in high-quality materials. Not to mention that cotton is durable, made from natural fibers, and can be recycled. The tensile strength of 100% cotton products makes them almost impossible to rip or tear by accident. Its strength and durability make up for the initial costs, and it’s absolutely a purchase that you won’t regret.

high-quality tablecloths for your home


Now that you know exactly how beautiful table settings can instantly brighten up your dining area or restaurant, it’s time to find the best tablecloths for sale. Our collections at Julie & Ev are curated just for you, and we’d love to help you build your dream tabletop! ·

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