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fall-inspired centerpiece

How to Make Your House Cozy for the Upcoming Fall Season

The comforting smell of pumpkin spice, leaves turn to crisp, and candles burning; it’s the fall season. 

Summer is finally over and everyone gets a glimpse of the cooler temperature. The color schemes, red, orange, and brown are all we see around. People become more comfortable in their homes, baking their fresh apple pie. It is not too cold nor too warm. Everything is just lovely. 

What makes a cozy fall is a home that we live in. In this article, fall decor ideas and home decor pieces will be tackled to provide you with a guide on how to upgrade your home from last season. 

What is Fall?

a cup of coffee with fall vibes

Fall, also known as autumn, is the cooling-off season. It is the season between summer and winter when the leaves are changing color. The temperature drops and the days become shorter. Animals stock up on food ready for winter’s hibernation. 

For us humans, it is the best time to snuggle up. Drinking a warm cup of pumpkin spice latte early in the morning, lighting up a candle, and getting warm in bed. But how do you do this with your home stuck on last summer’s theme? 

Here are 7 ways to transition your home to fall cozy.  

7 Ways to Make Your Home Fall Cozy

Everyone has their way of having a cozy fall. It may be through food, style, or having quality time with family. For some, however, it all depends on their home decor pieces. These can be bought in stores or you can DIY one. Here is a list of fall decor ideas you can do, on a budget or not. 

1. Change the atmosphere with Scented Candles     

Before starting with anything, establishing the right atmosphere is a must. Scented candles are essential during fall. It soothes the atmosphere in your home, bringing a tranquilizing effect. 

Candles have been scientifically proven to ease us. Specifically, scented candles have a way of stimulating the limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for our memory and emotions. Dopamine and serotonin can be released, thus making us feel the cozy fall. 

Julie and Ev’s Italian Scented Candle in Dolce Far Niente will be your best friend. Dolce Far Niente means pleasant relaxation in carefree idleness, or pleasantly doing nothing. This candle will drag you to your bed, feeling all snuggly with its fruity scent and mysterious dry aroma. 

Add candles wherever you want in your home and have a cozy fall. 

2. Dried Leaves

When you think of fall, what comes to mind? Dried leaves! 

One of the many budget-friendly fall decor ideas is framing your dried leaves and hanging them up on the wall. In this way, you are able to emphasize the change of the season while being resourceful. 

Explore your backyard and find dried leaves of your liking. It can be in various shapes and colors (the more random the better!). Add these to an empty frame, and voila! You have your own personalized fall decor.

3. Baskets

Budget fall decor ideas include things that are in your reach. Empty baskets can be found in the majority of homes. 

Fill your baskets with seasonal fall fruits: pumpkins, apples, figs, and a whole lot more. In this way, you are elevating your baskets into one of the most versatile home decor pieces.

Julie and Ev’s Rattan Scallop Rectangular Shelf Basket can be a great start if you do not have available baskets. The product provides a fall vibe itself with the material being used— rattan. 

Pro tip: add fairy lights!

4. Colors 

Fall is known for its colors: red, orange, and brown— the color of the crisp leaves falling from trees. This adds a cozy fall vibe to your homes. You can do this by switching your plain curtains or napkins to warmer tones. 

In line with this, Julie and Ev’s August Inspired Linen Stitch Napkins can be a great touch to your dining area to emphasize the fall season, signaling another time of the year. 

5. Throw Blankets

Is it even cozy without blankets? Add throw blankets on your sofas, chairs, and beds. This one of the many home decor pieces can up your cozy fall game.

A throw blanket is a type of blanket which is decorative. It is meant to elevate the style of your home rather than just keep you warm. 

Choose colors that remind you of fall or anything that makes you feel homey! Burgundy and scarlet can be one. Snuggle them while drinking your hot cocoa.

6. Pumpkins 

As fall arrives, pumpkins take the limelight. Like apples, they are best harvested during this season. These can be great home decor pieces while you are on a budget.  

As mentioned above, put them inside a basket, or let them be on your front porch, side table, or fireplace. This can be a statement piece that can add to the overall fall impact of your home. 

7. Textures

To have a relaxing fall, switch your beddings and pillow covers to certain textures: faux fur, velvet, knits, or wool. These warm fabric textures will give you a sense of coziness and are great fall decor ideas.

Nights grow longer and temperature drops during fall, we try our best to be warm. In this way, we reach a certain temperature that allows us to produce melatonin, making us relaxed and sleepy. 

Changing your sheets to these warmer textures will definitely make your home fall cozy. 

a dining table setup with pumpkin and fall vibes

A Cozy Fall

Psithurism is a Greek word that means the sound of leaves rustling in the wind. Fall will always be a season of coziness and rest. Whether it is the scent, taste, or feel, it surely is the best time to get snuggly, especially in our homes. 

Improve your experience during this cooling-off season by upgrading your home with these fall decor ideas. Follow the list above to achieve the pleasant feeling of staying indoors while another chapter unfolds outside.


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