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How to Choose Art for Your Home

In decorating homes, it is easy to choose the right arrangement, paint colors, and furniture. However, regardless of how much effort you put into it, sometimes it still lacks something - art. 

Art is like a cherry on top of every home. It can elevate and make a statement about the overall appearance of your space. It is the number one component to have an eye-catching focal point. 

A focal point is an area to which your eye is immediately drawn. It entices your guests to explore your home. An example is a living room with good-quality art hung on the wall. With the vibrant colors or minimalism of this masterpiece, it can surely catch the attention of your visitors. Designers use this to emphasize a certain area in a room. This makes every home inviting and pleasing to the eye.  

So what are you waiting for? Spice up your spaces, shop for art now. 

Wall Art

Black bed with line art of two wall art of women hanging on top

Art can come in many forms. It can be through a painting, photograph, sculpture, and many more. They may be placed on top of the table, floor, or ceiling. 

In interior design, wall art is preferable. Wall art is a kind of décor that hangs on a wall. These can be framed paintings or prints and canvases. It adds oomph to a plain wall. 

Unlike figurines placed on top of tables, wall art creates a clean and minimalist touch to your homes. You can also choose whatever design you want that signifies you. 

10 ways to Choose Art for Your Home

1. Set up a budget plan

Before you start with anything, the first thing to consider is your budget. What is your allocated amount for spending? You can adjust your purchases based on your budget. This will guide you on where to shop for art.  

If you have a limited budget, you can visit an art fair or search on websites. You can also find local artists that sell their art for a reasonable price. 

However, if you want to go overboard, go to galleries or find a skilled artist to have your artworks personalized. Prices might be higher because it is customized.

Opt for pieces that suit your personality to make a statement.  

2. Ask yourself what makes you, you?

When you shop for art, it is easy to be enticed by marvelous works. However, it will defeat its purpose in your homes. There will be no story behind it. 

Choose an artwork that represents who you are as a person. 

For example, you love going to the beach and you are well known for that. Try finding wave paintings or seashell decorations. 

3. Work with what you have

In every home, there is an existing interior design. If you are already satisfied with what you have, but still feel like you are lacking something, shop for art. Adjust the pieces you will purchase with what you already have. 

For example, you have a white wall. Try finding artworks that are vibrant in color. The wall and artwork will complement each other. This will enhance your overall home. 

4. Research 

Before hopping into your car and going to the nearest art shop, do your research first. 

Doing your research before you shop for art can save you a lot of time and gas. Identify where you can source the artworks you have been eyeing on. Find alternatives that are cheaper but have the same quality. Once you are certain about what you want to purchase, see it in person first. 

5. Shop in person

With the accessibility of hassle-free transactions right now, and orders being delivered to your doorstep, it is tempting to buy online. However, you can not ensure the quality of these pieces. Some artworks will only look good in photos but are different in person. 

Shopping in person is a good way to save you from disappointment. This will allow you to be certain whether the artwork is meant for you or not. 

Let the artwork speak to your soul. 

6. Check the dimensions

Some homes are lucky enough to have spacious walls, while others have smaller ones. 

If you have a spacious wall, shop for something big in size depending on your liking. Large art usually creates a statement in a room. This will be your focal point. Choose a piece that speaks to you, and is also alluring to your guests.

If you have a smaller wall, shop for art that is intricate in detail or intimate. In this way, you will persuade your guests to have a closer look at these pieces. 

7. Frame Style

Frames are often overlooked when choosing art for your home. However, it creates a huge impact on the overall appeal of the artwork. 

Ornate frames are more complex in detail; they are not as versatile as the ones with wooden or plain colored frames. 

Consider this when picking an artwork. It should complement the wall or place you will be putting it.  

8. Consider other options

When choosing art for your home, it is common to choose paintings and figurines. People miss out on other options, such as plaques and mirrors. 

Plaques and mirrors are game changers. They add more character to your existing interior design. 

Here are some wall arts you might want to consider: Kenya Wall Plaque is suitable especially for a spacious wall, while the small size and versatility of the Versailles Sunburst Mirror is suggested if you have a smaller space. 

9. Set the mood 

An artwork should speak to your soul. Choosing the right artwork which sets the mood of your overall home is essential. It creates the vibe of the place and affects how your guests perceive your home to be.  

A vibrant artwork can give the audience a feeling of openness and boldness. While a minimalist artwork will give off a chill and cozy vibe. 

Identify what mood you want to go with. This can help you in choosing the right art for your home.

10. Make a statement!

a woman viewing a meaningful abstract art

Your home can always look beautiful and well put together, however, there will always be one thing that will set it apart from other homesadding you to make a statement.

A home should signify who is living in it. Thus, allowing yourself to express yourself through artworks can aid you to make an impression on your guests. Not only does it make your place unique, but it serves as your comfort zone too. 

Shop for art not just to make your home look pretty but to also touch the souls of people without saying a word.


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