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an array of glassware for a lunch party

Colorful Glassware: The Trend Your Tablescape Needs

Adding colored glassware set into your living or dining room is an easy way to boost the mood of your home. They’re fun, simple items that can bring in some color and break up the monotony of any room. If you’re trying to add a couple of spring elements to your tabletop or shelf design, colorful glassware is definitely the way to go!

The history of colorful glassware actually starts way back in the 1920s. At the time, they were ironically called Depression Glass. Brands would sell a cheaply manufactured colored glassware set to customers who couldn’t really afford to shop for homeware otherwise. This started a trend during the Great Depression’s economic crisis. People would go out and buy Depression Glass to liven up their dining experience at an affordable price.

A popular style of colorful glassware is blue bubble glass. You’ve probably seen these before or even had them in your dining set at some point! Air bubbles are incorporated into the glass in the manufacturing and design process to create a distinct pattern. This pattern is often seen in a certain type of colored glassware set referred to as pulegoso

clear wine glasses on a dinner table

Now, you might be having some reservations when it comes to buying colorful glassware. Contrary to what you might think, it can actually bring a fresh perspective to your tablescape! Typically, kitchen cabinets and dinner sets are limited to neutral or monochromatic colors since they’re such a staple in any home. And that’s okay - but if you’re looking for a touch of dramatic flair in your life, a few pieces of colorful glassware can help you get there.

To improve your tablescape with a colored glassware set, you can swap out a couple of basic clear pieces for a few vibrant plates and bowls. A blue bubble glass set can be the perfect pair to your vintage ceramic vases! On the other hand, multi-colored wine glasses can be a great conversation starter for the next time you have guests over.

We’ve carefully gathered a list of some of our favorite pieces for 2022. Feel free to mix and match from our selection to create your dream tablescape this season!

Our Favorite Colorful Glassware

1. Set of 6 Handblown Italian Glass Tumblers in Assorted Colors, $155

Assorted handblown glass tumblers by Julie & Ev

These unique borosilicate glass tumblers are decorated with colorful dots around the perimeter, giving you a special sensory experience whenever you use them. If you’re a clumsy person, the additional grip is useful for extra security when you’re walking around!

2. Set of 4 Summer Turquoise & White Glasses, $95

Summer Turquoise Glass

Spruce up your spring and summer picnics by bringing out these chic turquoise glasses! Give your friends and family the cups they deserve - your drinks have never looked fancier.

3. Zafferano Handblown Italian Glass Bowl in Green, $30

Zafferano Handblown Italian Glass Bowl in Green

This colorful bowl can be paired with your favorite blue bubble glass plates for a fun, patterned look. You can display this on any table or cabinet, or simply use it to eat ice cream on a hot summer day. It’s all up to you.

4. Set of 6 Short Bistro Glasses in Pink, $85

Pink Short Bistro Glasses stacked on top of one another

These elegant bistro glasses add a sheer wash of color to your dinner set, amazing for any occasion! Pair these with the Set of 6 Short Bistro Glasses in Green for the perfect contrast.

5. Handblown Italian Glass in Aquamarine and White, $28

Handblown Italian Glass in Aquamarine and White

Looking for a modern alternative to the classic blue bubble glass look? This aquamarine glass looks just as stylish while keeping the texture to a minimum. The smooth lines will give your tablescape a sleek and modern look.

6. Handblown Italian Carafe with Blue Dots, $90

Handblown Italian carafe and glass set with multicolored dots

Functionality meets modern design with these classic transparent carafes that have these unique raised dots on the handle. These pitchers are a gorgeous way to add a touch of color to your dinnerware if you’re not into ostentatious designs. They even have a matching dotted glass set if you want to coordinate your whole tablescape!

7. Shaved Glass Vase in Blue, $350

This attention-grabbing vase layers clear, white, and blue colors to form an exciting display that is sure to fit in with your table setup. The opaque layering of the vase makes it look like ceramic while preserving the flawless finish that’s characteristic of hand-blown glass.

8. Zafferano Handblown Italian Tumbler Glass in Light Blue, $28

Handblown Italian tumbler glasses

A unique Venetian technique of glassblowing called ballotòn is the secret to creating this delicate glass tumbler. Similar to blue bubble glass, this technique creates a beautiful pattern that adds a vintage charm to any dining set. The delicate patterns on the surface make sure that any drink you serve in them looks infinitely refreshing.

9. Set of 4 Turquoise Blue Rim Bistro Glasses, $45

If a minimal hint of color is more your style, these rimmed bistro glasses can surely find a place in your kitchen or living area. Bring them out for outdoor parties or keep them inside for a cozy night in! They’re versatile enough to match any occasion.


The secret to a great tablescape is balance. Don’t be afraid to accessorize your minimalist dinner set with bold statement pieces! Life is too short to have a kitchen that’s dull, drab, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. If you’re starting to get bored with what’s in your dining area, maybe it’s time to introduce a few upgrades.

Glass is a universal material that can adapt to any style, interior, and theme. We’ve gone a long way since the Great Depression, and we aren’t just limited to cheap blue bubble glass anymore. Now, a great colored glassware set can invite brightness and creativity into your home. You can find interesting renditions and custom-made glassware almost anywhere. Don’t be afraid to shop for tabletop pieces that inspire you to take risks, do more, and bring joy into your life.

Go bigger, bolder, and more stylish with Julie & Ev’s interior design services. We’d love to help you find the ideal tablescape that reflects your personality and the energy of your space.


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