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Sunflower Placemats - Blue (Set of 2)


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About this item

Add a touch of indigo to your dining table set up with our beautifully handcrafted Blue Sunflower Placemats. Available in a set of 2, each piece features an elegant sunflower pattern with a striped border.  Pair these beautiful placemats with our Sunflower Tablecloth or mix and match with any other design.

Why is the Blue Sunflower Napkin a must-have addition to your home? 

  • Handcrafted: Our Blue Sunflower Placemats are crafted using hand block printing, an ancient Indian technique that has been in existence since the Indus Valley civilization. It involves manually creating prints on fabric using wooden blocks. In a world of fast-paced machine printing, this form of craftsmanship has kept the tradition alive. The process requires a lot of time, focus, and precision to imprint the fabric accurately. 
  • Elegant: The classic indigo and white combination lends an elegant touch to each placemat. When placed on your dining table, these artisanal pieces will surely steal some attention with their vibrant appearance. Use a pristine white tablecloth as the backdrop to make the napkins stand out. 
  • Premium Material: The placemats are made with pure, 100% cotton of the highest quality. The fabric is durable and sustainable, so you can use them for a long time to come. 
  • Unique: As the placemats are individually printed with hand blocks, there can be slight imperfections, like variations in colors or patterns. They make the creations all the more authentic and one-of-a-kind. 
  • A Thoughtful Gift: The set can be a thoughtful gift option for homecoming, or any other occasion, especially for someone who loves home decor, or is an art enthusiast. 

If you love art and all things aesthetic, these placemats will be a lovely addition to your collection. With these, you can add a personal touch to your table setup when guests come over, and showcase your appreciation of the age-old technique of block printing.

Slight variations in color and pattern are characteristic of this ancient old hand printing technique- which makes each piece a more authentic and unique. 

Sold in sets of two.  Hand made in India.  Material:  100% cotton