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Laguiole Jean Neron 24-Piece Flatware Set in Presentation Box, Black Platine


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About this item

With an understated elegance, our Jean Neron 24-piece flatware can elevate your table setup at home, especially during holidays or celebrations.  But we won’t blame you if you also want to use this set every day.  As long as you observe proper care, this silverware can last for generations. 

Platine refers to a design detail that is visible along the portion of stainless steel on the knife handle. It is zipper-like in appearance and adds both weight and an additional cost to the final piece. There is no functional difference between a platine quality and a standard quality knife.

It helps that this set is crafted in Laguiole, a town in France known for producing artisanal knives. Laguiole dinnerware and tableware pieces are heirloom-quality.  This flatware set is also an exceptional gift idea for a loved one’s birthday or wedding. It comes in a gorgeous hinged-lid pine box complete with brass hardware.  It is beautiful, sophisticated, and special—anyone who receives it will likely treasure it for decades.

Each piece is assembled by hand.

    SET INCLUDES 6 dinner forks, 6 knives, 6 soup spoons, and 6 dessert spoons.  Each utensil is debossed with " Laguiole Jean Neron, Made in France" and finished with Napoleanic bee at top of each handle.

    MATERIAL: High-quality stainless steel, polished finish resin.

    Stamped with the words LAGUIOLE Jean Neron FRANCE and the iconic Laguiole Bee.

    ORIGIN: Made in France.

    SIZE: Wood Box: 18.25"W x 10"D x 2"H

    CARE: We recommend to hand wash this flatware set, however, they are dishwasher safe with temperature below 122°F, dry with a soft cloth before storing them.


    Soup Spoon: 1" W x 8.5" L 

    Dinner Fork: 1" W x 8.5" L

    Desser Spoon: 2.25" W x 6" L

    Knife: 0.75" W x 9.25" L