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Dublin, Ohio, 43017

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5 Ways Julie And Ev Homeware Helps
You Create Your Dream Home

Style-savvy shoppers take note: connoisseur Julie Paulino has launched a new homeware design company alongside her husband, Evren Yenicag. Each piece you'll find with Julie & Ev is carefully curated - shunning trends and fads in favor of timeless pieces matched with impeccable taste.

1. Global design straight to your door

New York. Munich. São Paulo. After more than fifteen years creating functional interiors and jewelry across the globe, Julie and Ev are opening the doors of their design collection to you -helping you bring exquisitely crafted items into your own home.

2. One of a kind craftsmanship

With a vast array of interior products on the market, it is challenging to know what to choose. Working alongside a carefully considered circle of talented designers, Julie and Ev have handpicked exclusive tabletop and homeware accessories you won't find anywhere else. Helping you make your home as original as you.

3. Doing good by you

One of the key philosophies of Julie and Ev is design and social responsibility. They believe in using environmentally friendly, artisan crafted, hand made pieces that will bring daily joy to the home. Socially conscious, the company offers 10% of their purchase profit to a charitable organization chosen by you.

Discover homeware where the heart is

Regardless of the room you're decorating, attention to detail is essential to creating a luxurious style. 


The pieces you'll find with Julie & Ev are made with this in mind, helping you express your creativity - creating the stylish home you've always wanted.

Beauty Beyond The Visual

Personal/Collective. Tradition/Unexpected. Simple/Sophistication. Julie and Ev playfully contrast styles, textures, and shapes, curating a collection that delights each of your senses .

From bespoke furniture and lighting pieces, to attractive storage and ornamental accessories, Julie and Ev’s ever expanding online collection has the power to transform any space. Discover these beautiful keepsakes that are bound to fascinate both your friends and family.


Comfort is where home is, where we genuinely are ourselves. Beauty goes beyond the visual -how we treat others, how we carry ourselves, a lot of living well, and joy is about self-worth.

That's why it's crucial to instill these values in our children and raise them with a sense of dignity and self-worth combined with moral and social responsibility and teach them to find grace in the small things.

Julie Paulino, Co-Owner

Why Shop With
Julie & Ev?

Why Shop With Julie & Ev?

"Julie and Ev Co. helped capture my vision that, together with her ideas and designs, truly transformed the house."


Julie and Ev introduced us to exclusive home brands I would have never known on my own . I love that my home looks like a million bucks... I met Julie through her blog and became an avid reader.

I noticed that her aesthetics were very similar to mine. Everyone who comes into our home compliments on how beautiful our home is.


Delight In The Art Of Travel

Within the collection, you'll find pieces to make a statement and others that effortlessly complement your decor. Each item is selected to act as both a reminder of travels past and to inspire the journeys ahead of you. Thriving on aesthetics and unparalleled craftsmanship, Julie & Ev's first collection redefines luxury for the modern home. Explore the world within.