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Handcrafted 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Mixed Wood Handles, Magnetic Oak Block - Laguiole en Aubrac


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About this item

 This beautiful, heirloom set of 6-piece mixed wood kitchen knives will make the perfect gift set, or addition to your kitchen.

From Laguiole-en-Aubrac: 

"Blades are made of Sandvik high-performance knife steel, which allows for razor sharpness, high hardness, exceptional toughness, and excellent corrosion resistance. Exquisitely shaped and perfectly balanced, with a design that has been refined by generations of cutlers, these knives will be in your family for generations as well.

Laguiole en Aubrac guarantees artisanal manufacturing of its products in the historic area of Laguiole and they are attested by the LOG stamp (Laguiole Origine Garantie) engraved on the heel of the blade."


  • Complete 6 piece knife set includes: 8" chef knife, 8" slicing knife, 6" utility knife, 5” boning/fillet knife and 4" paring knife, and magnetic oak block
  • Set comes with a magnetic oak wooden block
  • Blade is made of ultra strong 12c27 Sandvik Stainless Steel. Avoids corrosion and ensures an ever-lasting piece.
  • 1 chef's knife (approx. specifications: blade length 20cm / 8-in, total length 32cm / 13-in , weight 150g / 5.3-oz ) - handle pistachio wood
  • 1 filleting knife (approx. specifications: blade length 20cm / 8-in total length 31cm / 12.2-in, weight 115g / 4.0-oz ) - handle boxwood
  • 1 utility knife (approx. specifications: blade length15 cm / 6-in, total length 25cm / 9.8-in, weight 105g / 3.7-oz ) - handle walnut wood
  • 1 boning knife (approx. specifications: blade length 13cm / 5-in, total length 24cm / 9-in , weight 85g / 3-oz ) - handle juniper
  • 1 paring knife (approx. specifications: blade length 10cm / 4-in, total length 20cm / 7.8-in, weight 60g / 2.12-oz ) - handle ebony
  • 1 Knife block (Wood = 26cm / 10.2 x 21cm / 8.3-in x 4cm / 1.6-in WxHxD / Base plate stainless steel = 26cm / 10.2-in x 8cm / 3.15-in / weight 2000g / 70-oz)
  • Made in the village of Espalion -historic zone of Laguiole-, France