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Dressing Your Tabletops: Types of Table Linens

Dressing Your Tabletops: Types of Table Linens

Table linens help reflect the theme and level of service at the dining place – at home, at restaurants, or at events. Not only do these tablecloths protect the table, but they also create visually appealing aesthetics.

Admit it or not, a meal looks more delicious and exciting when the table arrangement is great. More so, an extra wow goes when the elegant tableware set is used on the dining table. Given this, we all want to pick the best table linens for every occasion that is reflective of the celebration. Whether it’s a simple dressed-down family dinner or get-together meal, a birthday celebration, a Thanksgiving dinner, a household member’s graduation – basically every time a meal is served – we want to serve our loved ones and house guests at our best! 

Meanwhile, for stylish tables used as house decors, the best table linens for table tops are usually hard to find. It is also hard to experiment and change from one tablecloth to another as it may be too costly. But how do we find the one that fits even our most elegant tableware? We’re giving you a quick read on the ultimate tablecloth guide to add visual interest in your room.

Types of Table Linens

There’s a wide array of choices when it comes to the best table linens to use at home. It can vary from dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, center tables, to bedroom tables, and the list goes on. One versatile must-have are soft line items that can be used to dress any of the table tops mentioned above.

Table linens generally intended for repeated use include decorative items such as table cloths, napkins, table skirting, and placemats.

Table cloths are used to protect the whole table from the food crumbs and spilled drinks and barbecue sauce. They also serve an ornamental purpose before you can creatively place the elegant tablewares and food.

Table Skirting is the art of wrapping the tablecloth around the edge of the table to leave the table top uncovered. Consequently, this adds an extra splash of charm to the room. 

“Table mats” or place mats are covering or pads for an individual setting, in contrast to the tablecloth that covers the entirety of the table top.


The Best Table Linens To Buy

Table linens are essential for different purposes during meal time and it is not bad to choose a decorative one that serves its function well. No matter how elegant the tableware is, if the table linens are not fitting and appropriate, the overall setup can be ruined. 

Best picks include blue cloth placemats, floral tablecloths, linen napkins, print cotton napkins, organic cotton tablecloths, blue linen napkins, among others.


The Ultimate Tablecloth Guide

Tables are of extreme functionality in our household. These wooden or metallic artistries play a relevant role in every humble dwelling, thus being one of the essentials of home furnishing and house decor. But apart from having stylish and functional tables at home, as much as possible, we cover them in table cloths to add extra glamor alongside protecting the table tops.

However, table cloths can make or break the vibe of the occasion or room ambiance you are trying to convey. This gives rise to the need for the ultimate tablecloth guide – the options are endless if you want to upscale your dining experience and living room arrangement.

So here are some tips and tricks you can apply in your home furnishing and in choosing the type of tablecloth for your dining table to upscale your dining experience.

Tone of Event or Room 

It is mandatory to first set the mood for the occasion. The theme is the first and foremost relevant requirement in preparing the tablescape. Not to worry, linens help you achieve the mood you want to portray. The overall setting can be elegant, festive, romantic, serious, etc. Is it a family party? A casual event? A formal event? An engagement dinner? The table setup varies from one celebration to another.

As for the tables used as the room's furniture, identify your style. Decide whether you want that bachelor or professional look, and accentuate your preferences. Earth colors and neutral palettes are a flexible complement to whatever the room’s wall color is.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the tablecloth are both indicative of how formal the event is going to be. For example. Casual events may utilize a 6-8” drop while for formal events, a 10-15” drop is more appropriate. The standard size of the “drop” or “overhang” is 8”. For standard banquet tables, using a 29” to 30” drop will reach the flooring already so the standard is a 15” drop.


For formal setups, the usual palettes are white, cream, and ivory. Meanwhile, bold colors create festive backdrops when paired with other elegantly colored tableware. Choosing the color wisely helps the tables look both pretty and decorative.


Swapping your paper napkins for table cloth linens is a wise way to upgrade your tablescape. Cloth linens have the power to upscale settings and can definitely withstand daily use. Disposable napkins are appropriate for casual events only and are often for single-use.

You may use cloth table covers to indicate a high level of service; vinyl table covers for outdoor picnics, backyard barbecues and cater events; spandex table covers for trade shows, receptions, casino nights, and catered events as well; and for elegant displays, buffets, and event venues, table skirting is more fitting.

Must-Have: Elegant Tableware

Ivory pitchers are of class and sophistication and are a go-to for Sunday brunch. These are appealing pieces that set the tone of relaxation and tranquility on a weekend vibe. Meanwhile, elegant drinkwares include hammered wine glasses, seagrass cage salad bowls, and wine bottle holders made from Abaca fibers (these are versatile tabletop complements).



In the end, the ultimate tablecloth guide on every occasion is not utilizing the most elegant tableware or using the best linens available at home. The secret to a happy dining experience is simply seating at the dining table and serving each and every meal to your loved ones. The ultimate tablecloth guide is love.


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