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Round Mirror for Personal Space

The Best Modern Accent Mirrors in 2022

While wall art, furniture, and paintings are the essentials of furnishing any room in your house, one major decorative artistry for that empty space is modern accent mirrors. Well, a mirror on the wall is that one craftsmanship that you need in your daily life. It is undeniably aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. Imagine the perks of having a classy mirror just in place – it is useful when getting dressed up, trying on which fashion suits you for an occasion, putting your makeup on, and basically everything that involves checking yourself first before heading out.

Julie Paulino Design, French Plaster Mirror, Birds and Thistle by Brunschwig and Fills

Design by Julie Paulino Design, French plaster mirror from Julie & Ev.  

Further, artistic mirrors like these French mirrors for sale are a wise investment. These mirrors do not only make the room extra bright and cozy, but they also make the area more visually appealing to your house guests. When it comes to art and decor, you can never go wrong with beautifully handcrafted plaster mirrors from Paris which underwent artisanal processes.

Meanwhile, wall mirrors in geometric frames are proven to make a mid-century impression on the overall look of your room. These mirrors bring in light and reflection and create the illusion of being more spacious. 

Choosing the Right Accent Mirror For You

Can’t decide which wall mirror fits that boring spot? These accent mirrors on the wall are our top picks for those trying to transform their unappealing space into one of visual interest. Add light, depth, and character to your room with these styling suggestions. Learn more about these trendy and Instagrammable sought-after wall decors you’ll love this 2022!

Round Wall Mirrors

Brayden Twisted Faux Wicker Console Table

You can never go wrong with a round mirror in an elegant frame. These modern accent mirrors complement the geometry of your wall decors. This is in consideration of the fact that most of us are fans of paintings and wall art decors in rectangular frames. Thus, round mirrors can harmonize the overall aesthetics of the area. These can be much more appealing and relaxing to stare at than the standard rectangular or square ones. In fact, circular mirrors are often referred to as versatile mirrors. 

You can also try taking it up a notch by styling your room using a round wall mirror with a textural frame. By doing so, your functional mirror aesthetically improves the final look of your living room, master bedroom, or entryway.

French Craftsmanship

French plaster mirror composition with blue and white Chinese jars, design by Julie Paulino Design

French plaster mirror composition with blue and white Chinese jars, design by Julie Paulino Design.

If you want to wow your house guests with the aesthetics of your living room, well, we’re having no second thoughts on these mirrors! These beautifully and intricately handcrafted French mirrors for sale are definitely on the A-list of accent mirrors. Trendy examples include French plaster mirrors merging bold textures and asymmetrical shapes in neutral palettes, thus creating a modern impression in your area. What a sophisticated masterpiece to marvel at!

Tip: You can group mirrors together to heighten visual interest and bring in reflective light! Just try not to overdo the artistry. A well-placed mirror can open a larger place for the area.

Leather Strap Mirror

One of the classy and timeless finds is adjustable hanging leather strap mirrors. Hanging this mirror on the wall of your room accentuates natural lighting while inviting modern vibes with its elegant simplicity. These are actually perfect pieces to add masculinity and a neutral effect in the room. More so, using one gives off a contemporary impression in your area. Leather strap mirrors are flexible enough to complement the other wall decors so it’s a great investment to utilize as decorative and functional artistry in your bedroom. 

Oversized Accent Mirror

Have that oversized space you can’t fill with any wall art? Decorative oversized accent mirrors are just the best fit that fills that empty void! Mirrors of this type create aesthetic elegance in the room, as it becomes the visual interest of the area, as it gives a larger reflection of your physique. You’d love this especially when you want to sport your favorite fashion finds. Don't forget to take a mirror selfie before leaving the house!

Moreover, rectangular mirrors intricately handcrafted with gold geometric frames radiate an immaculate and pristine impact in the area. This effortlessly gives off a contemporary vibe in the room.

Sunburst Accent Mirror

Versailles Sunburst Mirror

Yes, we’re not denying the fact that we’ve got a big crush on these sunburst accent mirrors. Well, this stirs up rivalry with our undying admiration for French mirrors for sale! Aren’t these the ones we want in our dreamy living room? These lovely furnishings on the wall spice up the texture and increase excitement in the room. 

This is a classic go-to if you want to bring a lot of sunshine and radiate positive energy in your humble abode. You can actually consider lighting up your room 24/7 with a sunburst accent mirror. The neutral tones of this craftsmanship won’t overwhelm the space nor overdo the artistry in the area. It is a natural way of putting a finishing touch to the overall look of your space. Its beautiful and functional display will definitely never go out of style!

Taking Too Much Time To Decide?

We just can’t overemphasize the usefulness of mirrors in our homes. Owning a functional and stylish one is definitely on the bucket list of the interior designer within you. We simply cannot live without mirrors, right? But if you haven’t found the best decorative mirror for you yet, don’t you worry. Finding the right accent mirror that suits your style and complements your space can really take time. You may also try to go window shopping to find the perfect vibe and examine the intricate details of each masterpiece.

Lastly, you can use some helpful tips on staging your home with mirrors to convince you how wall mirrors are the just perfect room-changers. ·

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