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Rustic Tablescape Vibe

Great Tablescape Ideas: Table Centerpieces

You might be looking for great tablescape ideas to level up your dining experience. Whether it is simply renovating your dining space with some delightful table decor for family night to the most awaited holiday season, dining centerpieces can hold all year long!

Table centerpieces are a convenient and stylish way to accessorize your dining table – it adds more coziness to the dining room and connects it to the rest of your home. If you want to set your table apart from the rest, here are some dining table centerpiece ideas for you.

Set Your Table Perfectly With These Centerpiece Ideas

Best China Pieces

Investing in your living space has got to be one of your most satisfying purchases. It goes without saying that an aesthetically pleasing home is therapeutic. The cozier your home, the more restful and relaxing it would be for you after a long, busy day at work. More so, concluding the day with the ultimate dining experience is key to a happier evening. To help you accessorize your dining table, here are some table centerpieces to choose from that are perfect for all occasions. 

1. Add a Rustic Element

Yes, you read it right. It is surprising how gorgeous wooden trays make amazing table centerpieces. The key is to choose a piece with lots of visual interest: a minimalistic surface, a few carved details, and odd shapes. This is not only perfect for wedding banquets but is a great theme for your kitchen or dining room, too!

You can start to keep it rustic by adding a bouquet of dried flowers (e.g., lavenders) and some white linen napkins. This gives off a French provincial vibe in your dining area. For instance, you can also put a rattan scallop rectangular tray for the cutlery. For table decor starters, you can use charming handmade pottery and vases to accentuate the theme. You can also use flowers in mason jars on top of an old wooden box. This adds an extra splash of shine to the dining space.

2. Blue and White China Pieces With Some Greenery

Take it up a notch with classy and all-time elegant china pieces. Modern table decor aesthetics demand a splash of greens in your timeless chinas. Your greenery will bring out the best in your blue and white china and spread the vibrant colors within the dining area.

3. A Set of Centerpiece Pottery

If you’re in a hassle and you want a convenient table decor, you can upgrade your dining experience through a set of vintage pottery. A collection of classy pottery or ceramic flower vases will be a great table decor to invite more elegance into the room.

4. Electric Plants

If you’re a fan of greenery, do not hesitate to fill a minimalistic tray with vases and planters full of decorative plants. The secret to achieving a modern and chic vibe with table centerpieces such as this is to use vases of varying heights or a centerpiece planter. Plus, it would be great to use glasses and earth colors on the vases. 

5. Colorful Candle Centerpieces

Not only will you enjoy that soothing aroma from the scented candles, but you will also be astonished by the visual appeal these colorful candles give.

Don't dispose of your travel-sized bottles just yet. You can make candle holders in different colors (that blend in with the theme of your home, of course). Neutral colors are the safest but adding some ray of sunshine inside your dining space can be aesthetically appealing, too. Use a good mixture of textures and shapes as molds to create a set of candles to place on your table.

It is up to you if you want them to be plainly decorative (not lit up) or functional (lighted) for a fine dining experience.

6. Ornamental Vases Wrapped in Leather

The neutral vibes of leather-wrapped vases as centerpieces are the best match for your favorite flowers. Try staging a few at the center of your table – you can opt to focus on one large vase. You may also line them up on an enormous charger plate based on your preferences.

7. Candle Bowl

Invite elegance and set a romantic atmosphere for dinner by candlelight through shallow candle bowls. Choose unscented ones if you want to light them up during your meal so their fragrant aroma doesn't get mixed up with the smell of the food from your plate.

8. Classy Sculptural Pieces

Since we are living in a modern world, who says you are not supposed to decorate your dining space with art? We are delighted with the fancy display of some selected ornamental sculptures as a centerpiece on a dining table. This gives your ultimate dining experience a creative, artsy look and feel.

9. A Basket of Fresh Fruits

Display a plentiful harvest and motivate your household to eat more fresh fruit by having your centerpiece full of fresh fruits to munch on. To make it even more visually attractive, you can add several pieces of the same fruit to a small decorative basket on your table. To update the aesthetics of your table, you can occasionally add seasonal fruits. The blend of natural colors brings warmth to the dining room. 

10. Keep it Floral

This is one of the household favorites when it comes to table centerpieces. More often than not, there's just no substitute for a beautiful flower arrangement. An easy way to decorate your dining table is by staging a large bouquet of fresh flowers at the center. Stick with one type of flower (e.g., garden roses, baby’s breath, carnations, white calla lilies, chrysanthemum pom poms, green balls, tulip flowers, etc.) for a more contemporary look. You may also craft an artsy floral arrangement.

Furthermore, you can try Hydrangeas. They’ve gained popularity in tablescapes and are known for being fluffy and big in size. You can save them as your favorites for centerpieces – all you need to do is dry them out first. 

11. Colored Glasses

Colorful glasses as centerpieces do not require flowers or plenty of blooms to look lovely. First off, you can choose various glasses in different sizes which are similar in color but should come in different hues or shared. Arrange them all together while putting some single-stemmed flowers to achieve a minimalistic and natural look.

12. Enormous Glass Vases with Blue Leaves

If your home decorating theme needs to invite a splash of coolness in the eyes, stage your dining table with huge glass vases. Add in oversized faux blue leaves for a centerpiece that’s stylish and modernized. 

A Collection of Vases with Flowers


Finding the best table decor will not be much of a hassle for those who know their personality well. Don't be in such a hurry to achieve the perfect tablescape.  For those who are still exploring, do not hesitate to try on these chic suggestions. You’ll surely be surprised at how your dining space can transform into something even more delightful.


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