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a nice cozy dining table

Our Ultimate Guide for the Best Dining Tables for Your Home

It’s a known fact that the best dining room needs to have a great dining table as its main centerpiece. Whether it would be for big social gatherings or for just simple suppers with family members, a nice cozy table will never fail to bring people closer together while they are eating. Aside from the standard rectangular dining table, these dining tables can come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles all dedicated to bringing out the best in your living space. 

With so many options to choose from, the prospect of finding the best dining room table for the job is nothing short of a daunting task. In this article, we will take you through the many different aspects of an ideal dining room table and even show you a few good examples. Hopefully, this can provide enough insight and encouragement to find the right furniture for you!

How to Pick the Best Dining Table

the best dining table for outdoor dining

The best dining room cannot exist without a dining room table serving as its primary focal point. More than just aesthetically pleasing decor, they are also essential for everyday meals and social settings. With that being said, investing in the right table is absolutely crucial for interior design. 

When trying to shop for the best dining room table for your interior, we recommend you pay close attention to 4 key traits: style, material, size, and shape.



A good piece of decor easily depicts a specific interior design style, and tables are no exception given that they are centerpieces. Dining room tables typically come with many different designs, colors, and aesthetic types. To find the right furniture for you, try to figure out what type of theme or vibe you would like to evoke within your abode.

Modern Style

The modern aesthetic is mainly conveyed through the usage of plain geometric shapes and muted colors. They are also described to be minimalistic, simple, and clean. In terms of tables, the humble rectangular dining table is quite a popular choice because of its simple design and healthy accommodation for social space.  

Farmhouse Tables

The farmhouse aesthetic is all about being visually bright and cozy. In terms of dining tables, they often make use of lighter wood textures that would fit the vibe of a typical farm or log cabin setting. The common farmhouse dining furniture comes in the form of a large, rectangular dining table made from mahogany or other sturdy lumber.

Traditional Tables

When thinking about traditional design, much like aesthetics from baroque or gothic time periods, they are usually described as ornate or intricate in terms of shape and embellishments. Traditional dining tables contain wavy lines and complex patterns with meticulous detail. 

Eclectic Tables

There are tables that make use of elements from many different styles, forming one cohesive and brand new product. They usually sport vibrant colors and intricate details with no shortage of personality whatsoever. If you’re feeling adventurous and creative, consider getting an eclectic table for your interior!



The best dining room tables are made out of materials that are durable and made to last a long time. If you’re willing to invest a high amount, be sure to opt for tables made from high-quality materials. Commonly, these would come in the form of wood, metal, glass, stone, and plastic.

Wooden dining tables are by far the most popular options out there. You can never really go wrong with nice wooden accents which are naturally warm and comforting to the eyes. Not to mention, they are also highly durable and long-lasting. Often coming in many different styles, shapes, and sizes, wood is a highly versatile material that is quite reliable.

Metal and stone materials are also used; albeit to a lesser extent. Because of the versatility of these resources, they can come in the form of many different elaborate designs. Utilizing metal legs will give off a modern aesthetic while stone materials like marble typically lean towards a traditional feel.


The right furniture for you needs to have the right dimensions. That’s why before looking for your new dining centerpiece, make sure to measure the size of your room. The utilization of space is absolutely key for interior design; we would like to aim for a good ratio when it comes to furniture and the amount of room. 

Of course, the ideal dining table has space for all of the occupants, can match well with the number of chairs, and has a comfortable amount of leg space. It is a rule of thumb that the space between the walls and the edge of your table must be 3 feet for a good ratio of space. 


The shape is a very important factor with a great range as well. There are circular, square, elliptical, and rectangular dining table shapes, and each one has its viability across different kinds of room spaces.

Circular and square dining tables are a great pick for smaller rooms because they are less likely to constrict the space. It is a wise choice to go for these tables if the dining room walls have equilateral sides; giving it enough space to fit people and chairs.

Rectangular dining tables are ideal for big social events with a lot of people, as well as for wide open dining spaces. Being a common shape, they typically also have a wide range of styles to choose from. 


Our Top Choices

After learning about the different aspects that come with choosing the right furniture for you, here are a few ideal designs to help you get started on your best dining room!

Hamilton Round Dining Table

hamilton round dining table by Julie and Ev

Wooden, minimalistic, and highly affordable, the Hamilton round table is perfect for a small number of people. Being made out of sturdy and long-lasting material, its design is sleek enough to be a stunning focal point of the room. 

Haines Rectangular Dining Table

haines rectangular dining table by Julie and Ev

A large, wooden, rectangular furniture with the most unique legs, the Haines dining table is best when placed in bigger dining rooms that could accommodate it. It boasts a minimalist aesthetic with a great sense of personality.

Aluminum Base Table

aluminum base rectangular dining table by Julie and Ev

These aluminum base tables make use of different materials to evoke a vintage rustic aesthetic. It boasts metal legs with a coal resin top. Being a combination of more than one material, this piece of furniture is perfect for an eclectic approach to your interior. 


In a discipline as creative as interior design, you can hardly ever go wrong with your choices. It is most important to project your own personality and reflect your own perception of beauty within your dining room. We hope you found this piece insightful and if you need help finding the right dining table, be sure to take a quick look at our products and what we have to offer!


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